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About the School Category

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Welcome to the School Category of my blog! This section of the blog is dedicated to my experiences at college as a Hospitality, Restaurant and Culinary Management major. Currently I have been accepted to the college I will be attending for a two year associates degree. In the next few months I will meet with an advisor, pick my classes, attend orientation and then finally begin the fall semester. I will be blogging about how my food allergies are handled in all types of situations at school. There will also be lots of posts about food and recipes. I hope that students will use this section to find inspiration and feel safer about taking classes to learn and understand the food industry.

Upcoming Blog Post Topics!


  • Explaining my food allergies to my advisor


  • Attending Orientation


  • First week of classes!

  • Being safe by talking to the professors

  • Experiences in the classroom

  • Learning in the college kitchen

  • Getting involved on campus

  • Food substitutions in recipes

And much more!


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