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Meeting my College Advisor

A few days ago I met with my college advisor for the first time. Our meeting was very short. I am not even sure if it lasted five minutes. Basically I found him and he handed me a few sheets of paper. I just had to copy the classes I need to take for the first semester from the course recommendation sheet and then he signed it and then I signed it. Then he disappeared with the paper to clear my flag so I could register for classes. When he came back we shook hands and he walked away. He seemed very nice and I am thankful to have met him.

As I walked to my car I realized I had not told him about my food allergies. The meeting was so fast and it did not feel like the best time to say "oh and by the way I'm allergic to this, this, this and this".

What I didn't say before about our meeting, is that we met in an open room that also had a club meeting going on in the background. Also that I was just fit into his schedule kind of last minute, well if you consider scheduling the meeting the day before last minute. The meeting was really about figuring out what classes I had to take and so my flag could be cleared so I could register for classes.

When I got home I told my mom what happened and we decided it was okay. It just wasn't the right time and place to tell him. Then I went online and registered for classes. I was still concerned though, here I am registering for restaurant and culinary management classes with food allergies and my advisor does not even know I have allergies.

So the next day I emailed him, thanking him for meeting with me and also letting him know that I have food allergies. I told him I was allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and legumes. I also asked if there was anyone I should talk to before the start of the fall semester about my food allergies. I kept the email very simple and straightforward.

He wrote back within an hour and thanked me for letting him know and said to contact my professors before the start of the semester to let them know.

Even though I originally wanted to tell him in person about my food allergies, I know that everything happens for a reason and for some reason it wasn't meant to be in person. By letting him know by email, this documents that I have informed my advisor of my food allergies and that he is aware of my situation.

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