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An Open Mic About Meringue Powder

So um yeah. I did an open mic about meringue powder. That's what I was feeling passion about the other night.

So in the past few days I have called Wilton twice. During the second phone call I got permission to blog about them thanks to a really nice guy from corporate.

I realized that Wilton is pretty much the major company for all baking supplies and materials and even though many of their products are not allergen safe I was going to have to learn to like them. And let me tell you, I like them.

So now that I have realized that this post is probably making no sense so far, let me back up and tell you the story from the beginning.

I got a coupon in my inbox for a free class at a local craft store. I decided that I wanted to take a cake decorating class. So I got myself all signed up, bought the kit, the instructions, and the supplies. Then I realized that the recipe for the buttercream for the cake called for meringue powder. I had no idea what meringue powder even was.

It turns out meringue powder is a substitute for eggs, which I thought was a great idea, until I read the label on the container. The Wilton meringue powder is made in the same facility as nuts. I decided to look around on the internet for other options, but I could not find any nut free meringue powder that made me feel safe.

So then I decided to call Wilton. The first lady told me that if it was made in a facility with nuts and if I am allergic to nuts, well that does not exactly work out so well. So I asked her what she would recommend to use instead.

My call gets forwarded to corporate and I ask the guy what he would recommend I use instead. Then he explains to me that the factory has multiple lines, and that there are no nuts directly touching the meringue powder, that the only chance of cross contact from nuts would be in the air.

In my open mic, I said something like that all food touches air. There are probably nuts in the air everywhere.

So in conclusion I have purchased the Wilton meringue powder and I will be taking the risk of cross contact from the air particles.

I am thankful that the nice guy from corporate was able to give me this information and that I am allowed to share it all with you. I am also grateful that even though not all Wilton products are safe from allergens, they are clear about what is made in the same facility versus the same line.

Also please know that for some people with food allergies having their safe food be in the same air as an allergen could be life threatening.

Even though having food allergies is a serious topic, there are still ways to talk about it that makes it fun and also teaches something. There was a lot of laughter in my open mic, sometimes you just have to make fun of yourself and make the best of every situation. After I finished presenting some of the adults there said that they have the Wilton meringue powder in their cabinet at home and never even thought that it could contain nuts in it. I was able to not only make people laugh, but also become more aware about my life as a person with food allergies.

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