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365 Days of Happy

It's actually now 366 days of happy! Yesterday was my one year anniversary at work!

Working at the bakery is an amazing experience that has really opened up my eyes to understanding how kitchens work. I have also discovered that I really have a love and passion for cleaning!

I love going to work, as being there is my favorite part of each week. Every shift in the shop is balanced between customer service and cleaning the kitchen. Party and camp shifts are also fun since I get to spend a couple hours working with kids!

Even though I have been working there for a year now, I always expect the unexpected. There's always something new to happen and I find that very exciting!

One of the most common questions I get from guests are if we have any nut free, gluten free, egg free, milk free and/or sugar free products. (We do have gluten free and vegan products.) It is amazing how many people are allergic and/or cannot have those foods! I like being able to relate to them when I say that I also have an allergy. A lot of parents of children who come to parties and camps often tell me that their child has a food allergy. When I tell them that I also have food allergies and know how to use an epi-pen I usually am able to calm their nerves.

I am so thankful to have a job I love so much! This first year flew by and I am so excited to continue working!

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