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Out to Lunch

Somehow the school year is almost over! These past few weeks of school have been insane with all the projects and exams I have had.

Earlier this week I went out to lunch with the yearbook advisors and my co-editor in chief. They wanted me to pick the restaurant because of my food allergies. I always find it so awkward being the one to have to pick the restaurant and I am put in this situation a lot. Finally one of the advisors picked a restaurant and I figured it would be fine.

My parents had eaten at this restaurant before, but I had never been there. So the day we planned on going to lunch, I called the restaurant to ask about what we would safe with my food allergies. I told them my allergies and then I had a list of three or four food items in my head that I eat at other similar restaurants. This restaurant's website was down, so I could not look at the menu.

Once I explained my allergies I asked if a waffle would be safe and the lady said no, then I asked about a hamburger and she put me on hold. The next person I talked to was the owner and figured this would be good. So I asked about the hamburger again and she said I couldn't have the bread. So that ruled out sandwiches and toast too. Then I asked about eggs and she said "there's no nuts in eggs" and I could hear her tone of voice changing, she was getting frustrated and angry with me. Her statement did not answer my question of if eggs would be safe, I know there are no nuts in eggs, but I don't know if they cook fish or something in the same pan.

Then I asked her what she would recommend that would be safe off the menu. She told me she couldn't read the whole menu to me, so I just said, "okay thanks" and then she hung up. I was so frustrated that this restaurant was so unwilling to even try to accommodate. So I messaged the advisors and my co-editor in chief and asked to go to a different restaurant instead.

We ended up going to a different restaurant, which is actually a place I go to all the time. I am friends with the owner at this restaurant and they will always accommodate me. We had a great time and I am glad we didn't go to the first restaurant we originally planned to go to.

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