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Where is the Epi-Pen on Graduation?

Today was the first day of graduation practice, I still can't believe I am graduating high school in just a few days.

So today during practice the principal explained to my class that we will not be carrying anything with us to the field on graduation day. I was totally fine with leaving my cell phone and car keys behind, but my concern was my Epi-Pens. I can't leave my Epi-Pens behind and sit on a field without them.

Before I continue with what happened today, I would like to explain what happened last year. I was in the honor guard last year and had the same problem where we were not allowed to carry anything. In hopes of solving the problem I asked the head of the honor guard what to do and she said to carry them in a small bag and hold it as flat as I could to my side. So that's exactly what I did last year. I wore a pink dress with matching pink shoes and I had a berry colored bag that just fit my Epi-Pens and phone (which I wasn't supposed to have sorry) and I carried the bag onto the field. No one stopped me or said anything and I was relieved to finally reach my chair to put my bag under the chair.

So I was hoping I would be allowed to do the same thing this year, so I asked an assistant principal what I should do with my Epi-Pens on graduation. She didn't know so she asked another assistant principal who also didn't know and so she asked the principal himself. He came over and we all asked what I should do with the Epi-Pens. He first asked how big it was and if it could fit in my pocket. I'm going to be wearing a dress and I will not have any pockets (I did not tell him that), instead I told him the Epi-Pens are pretty big and that it was larger than my phone. So then I pulled the Epi-Pens out of my purse and said this it in it's carrying case. Then I pulled the Epi-Pens out of the carrying case and showed it to them. He then decided that the one assistant principal will be carrying my Epi-Pens as I will not be carrying anything onto the field on graduation day along with the rest of the class.

Then he walked away and the other two asked what I was allergic to. I told them I am allergic to peanuts, tree nuts, shellfish and legumes and maybe even bees. I had a reaction the first (and only so far) time I was stung in Epcot in Disney World (right outside of "Japan"). I didn't have to use an Epi-Pen, but I did use Benadryl. I then thanked the one assistant principal who will be carrying my Epi-Pens.

I really feel more comfortable having the Epi-Pens on the field with me because I am attending and eating at the senior breakfast right before graduation and just in case I have a problem I rather be safe then sorry. There are also a couple thousand family members coming to the event and my parents holding onto the Epi-Pens in the stands is not the best idea either.

So hopefully on graduation I won't need to use my Epi-Pens and I will just be able to celebrate.

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