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Locked Out

A few days ago I went to a club meeting at my town's local senior center. We had our meeting inside, then pizza and then went outside for a water balloon fight. We all left our phones and bags inside so they wouldn't get wet. I left all my belongings, including my epi-pens inside. We had our water balloon fight right outside the door so if we had to get back in, it was right there. So while we were outside we had our water balloon fight and then took some photos.

When we tried to get back into the senior center we realized it was locked. Both doors were locked and both sets of keys were locked inside. Luckily our advisor had her phone, since the rest of us did not have ours. So without our phones and belongings we stood in a circle and played games until we were able to get a third key and unlock the door.

We were probably only locked out for a half hour at the most and if anything it was kind of fun. Without the distractions from our phones we could really focus and enjoy the moment.

When I came home and told my parents what happened they kind of freaked out. Why? They did not like that the epi-pens were locked inside and I was locked outside. I was told that now I shouldn't be in water balloon fights unless I bring my epi-pens with me. I guess I can say the epi-pen should be like an extension of my body.

There's lots of other times I didn't have my epi-pens exactly with me. Like fire-drills at school we aren't supposed to bring anything with us so I usually would just leave them in the classroom. And I never brought them to gym class, I didn't want to worry about carrying them or someone stepping on them or them baking in the sun.

In conclusion I didn't need to use my epi-pens in any of those situations and each time was taking a risk. Sometimes I have to know what risks to take and if it doesn't end well at least I can take responsibility for my own actions. It's just sometimes I don't want to be attached to the epi-pens and it's worth it to leave them on the table nearby to throw as many water balloons as I can instead of standing there holding my epi-pens letting all the water balloons hit me.

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