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Almonds in Soap?

If a soap is almond scented are there actually almonds in the soap?

The only reason I ask this question is because I have not yet reacted to using almond scented hand soap.

The reason why I am using almond scented hand soap is because that is the hand soap used where I work. I had no idea it was almond scented until after a few months working and I had to refill the container and for some reason read the label for the first time. I saw that the label read "With an almond scent!". I have been using the soap for months and I have not had any reaction to it.

I am unsure if there are actually almonds in the soap, or if maybe I am just not that sensitive to almond scented soap.

Then I start to wonder in how many other places I have used soap that was almond scented.

When I buy any type of soap, shampoo, spray, candle, pretty much anything scented and even not scented, I have to always read the ingredients first. It's something that all food allergic people have to think about when shopping for products, getting a haircut and even just washing their hands.



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