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July = Parties

There have been so many parties in July. Here is a little summary of each party I've attended.

I know July 4th was a while ago, but my family hosted this party and it was fun. We just invited one family over and there was eight of us. We grilled hamburgers and hotdogs for dinner. For dessert I made 4th of July sugar cookie nameplates shaped as stars. (Sorry the image is dark and I am not sure where the eighth cookie was....)

The weekend right after that I attended a party that was both a graduation and a birthday party. I made chocolate chip cookies and brought those as a dessert. (I didn't take a picture of them.) I also brought my own safe snacks to this party because I was unsure if there would be anything safe to eat. I knew a lot of people at this party and had a lot of fun just talking to them. There actually wasn't anything safe for me to eat, so it was a good thing I brought a few safe snacks to eat. When I arrived home that night my parents were hosting their own party with some of their friends. They had grilled chicken, so I ate that when I got home.

The weekend after that I attended two parties on the same day. The first was a double graduation party. I ate watermelon and a hamburger. I didn't eat the cake. I then left this party a little early to head to the next party.

This was a birthday party and it was very fun. We first did an escape room and then went back to her house and played games. I could eat all the snacks, the pizza and even the cupcakes and ice cream were safe. The cupcakes were homemade and I don't usually eat homemade treats, but my friend knew about my allergies, cross contact and how to read labels and was able to make it a safe treat. It was really nice to get to eat a safe homemade dessert that my friend made. I am very thankful that there was so much safe food I could eat.

The next week was a double birthday/scrapbook/pool party. We worked on making a digital scrapbook, then had pizza and went swimming. I could eat the snacks and pizza, just not the cake. I also brought homemade sugar cookies. They were shaped as mini stars. (I forgot to take a photo.) This party was super fun!

With most of these parties I did not eat the dessert provided and instead brought a dessert to share. Desserts are usually the most unlikely foods to be safe, but its just something I am used to. I am thankful for all of the safe foods I was able to eat at all these events.

Each party was completely different, but they were all celebrations of life. They were all so much fun and its really important to just have fun. Even though this post is themed around how food was handled at each party, the parties are not about the food. They are about creating memories and making the best of each celebration.

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