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The Internet and Cookies

Recently I got an offer for a free online baking video series and I decided to take advantage of it. Instead of something that should have cost $40 I got it for free. It was a Wilton branded course and it came with multiple videos, instructions and recipes.

The course was all about sugar cookies. I watched all the videos in one sitting. I have made sugar cookies many times before, I was just interested to see what I could do differently. I didn't end up using the sugar cookie recipe that was supplied in the course because I already have a sugar cookie recipe that I like.

To make the circle shapes I was going to use a circle cookie cutter until I realized I didn't own one. So I used my mom's biscuit cutter which apparently had been missing and I found it and used it as a cookie cutter, oops.

I only used half of the dough in the recipe, the other half went to my sister. With half of the dough I made about twenty cookies. My sister used smaller cookie cutters and made a lot more cookies. I forgot to take a picture of hers.

After baking and cooling comes decorating! Usually with the smaller cookies my sister and I just dip them into the icing because its faster and still comes out nice.

With the large cookies I started by piping walls around the edges. To get that blue color I used the Wilton Color Right Performance System for the first time. I had a half off coupon so it was worth it to give it a try. It didn't have any of my allergens in the ingredients list, so I was excited to get to try it.

For the longest time I have only ever used water based food coloring and it makes the icing thinner and to get the color you want it takes so many drops and then before you know it the bottle is empty. This food dye was completely different. It was like two maybe three drops and then it was the perfect color.

After about an hour of letting the walls sit I filled the insides with a different color. I was going to decorate the cookies more, but I was running out of time. It takes a long time to make and decorate sugar cookies and trying to do it all in one day is a lot. I did try to create a marble effect on a few cookies.

You may also notice that some of the insides of the cookies look almost like they are overflowing over the wall. The icing was too thin and it was just pouring out of the piping bag like crazy. It was difficult to control how much icing came out of the bag.

My favorite way to decorate sugar cookies is still to pipe letters and words on them. It's just so much more fun and personal when you have a treat with your name on it.

Sugar cookies are really fun to make, they just take a lot of time. In the end the free online video series I watched was more of a review and not much new.

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