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Cafeteria Food at School

A few days ago I joined the college school newspaper. I did the layout of my high school newspaper for two and a half years, so I have lots of experience in design and layout. Working on newspapers something I really enjoy doing.

At the end of the newspaper meeting we went to one of the cafeterias on campus for dinner. I had not been to any of the cafeterias before. After walking through the one we went to, I realized I really do need to speak with accessibility services. I am still waiting to hear from accessibility services about the so called meeting I am supposed to have with them. This meeting should hopefully go over my documentation and provide me with the information I need. Until then, it looks like I will not be eating any of the school food.

I ended up getting a bag of pretzels and a pink lemonade. I could clearly read the labels and I knew they were safe for me. Luckily I had brought extra food from home with me, so I did have a more of a dinner than pretzels and pink lemonade.

I let the newspaper adviser know about my food allergies so that he would not be concerned about the small amount of food I was getting from the cafeteria for dinner. I didn't tell him this until after we were already in the cafeteria, I probably should have let him know before we got there.

The cafeteria did have some vegan options, which were not safe for me. They had an entire almond milk dispenser which made me kind of nervous and some kind of granola bar that I had never seen before, but looked like it had nuts.

There were also soup dispensers, but who knows what was in those soups. I didn't bother asking because there was very few people working. To order food behind the counters you had to fill out a card and hand it to them. This made me uncomfortable because I rather talk to them and then order my food. There was very limited communication.

There also were like no options of what to eat. There were burgers, chicken and french fries, but I didn't know if the bread was safe or what kind of oil they use. There were also salads and wraps, but there were lots of nuts in this section.

There were no pastas, no sandwiches, there was nothing besides the burgers, chicken, french fries, salads, wraps and snacks. The kitchen was shared between the burger and salad sections, so they weren't really different sections, it was one space with everything pretty close together.

The whole cafeteria situation made me very nervous and even if I did talk to accessibility services about it, I'm not sure if I would even eat anything. Overall I am disappointed in at least this school cafeteria. I will have to check out the other ones.

On the bright side, the newspaper meeting was very fun, and like I say, it's not about the food, its about the event. The newspaper meeting was awesome and I am excited for next time.

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