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Don't Cough in the Batter (BC#2)

If you can't tell from the title of this post, I wasn't exactly thrilled with my first experience in the kitchen during my baking class. There are a lot of factors about working with others that I had not considered, such as having a partner not yet enrolled in any sanitation courses and thought it would be okay to cough in the batter. Even without knowledge of a sanitation course you would think people would know just from common sense that they should not cough in the batter.

Other than that, being in the kitchen was fine. As a class we all have matching uniforms that we had to change into before class began. The uniform consists of a chef coat, chef pants, non slip black shoes, an apron and a hat. My epi-pen fits in my chef pants pocket. When I slid them in and they fit I was amazed. It's the first and only pair of pants I own that my epi-pens fit into.

Class began with a lecture and then we confirmed that we would have different partners each class. The partners are chosen at random and it is possible to have to same partner two or even three times.

Then we went into the kitchen and made pancakes and waffles. Each partner makes each recipe together, so basically we each are supposed to eat and/or take home our half. I ended up throwing out my half of pancakes and waffles. I forgot to take a photo (so that is why the image above is not a photo of pancakes and waffles, sorry).

My partner ate his half and when I offered him my half he did not want it. I know it seems like food waste, but it was not worth it to get sick from my partner's cough germs. And on top of that I have no idea what kind of things have been cooked on the pancake griddle and in the waffle machine before. Our recipes did not call for nuts, but then again nuts are common in pancakes and waffles.

It was pretty fun getting to cook in the kitchen and I am looking forward to next time and hopefully a different partner.

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