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Chicken Stocks (CC#2)

The second cooking class was our first class in the kitchen. The class started with a lecture and then we were randomly assigned in partners for the lab part of the day. We were to make a white stock and a brown stock.

The professor first quickly explained what we were to do to make each stock. It was a lot of information to take it and by the time we actually had to do it ourselves, it was a little hard to remember everything.

Being in the teaching kitchen cooking seemed very overwhelming to me. There was a lot that had to get done and the order of things seemed to be done differently with each group.

Both my partner for the day and I never had used the stove in the kitchen before. Therefore we did not realize what we were doing wrong until the professor came over and told us that are stovetop was off. How to turn on the stovetop was not part of the demonstration and the reason we didn't realize we had to turn it on is because we were told that the gas stoves are always on. Not until later did I realize that meant the gas flame is always on, but you have to turn it up for it to actually be turned on.

Other than that our journey through making our stocks went pretty smoothly. We managed to finish on time and add our stocks to huge containers that in the end had all of the groups stocks combined.

The only group's stocks that were not added to the containers was the vegan students. The two vegan students will not have to switch partners each week because they will get to work together every time. They brought their own ingredients to made their own chicken and meat free stocks. Neither are allergic to animal products, they just choose to not handle or eat the animal products.

The stocks smelled amazing and it is definitely something I would like to try to make at home. I was not able to take a photo of our stocks, but if I make it at home sometime, I will take a picture then.

I am looking forward to next class and if we use the stove again, knowing how to turn it on.

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