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Biscuit Method of Mixing (BC#3)

There are three methods of mixing. The first one is called the biscuit method, which means that the butter is cut in. The three items we baked during our second lab day using the biscuit method were biscuits, scones (pictured here) and Irish soda bread (I forgot to take a photo of that one).

This time I had an amazing partner. I am so thankful to call her my friend.

We still did all the mixing by hand and did not use a mixer yet. This time I was able to eat what we made, unlike last time where I had to throw it all out.

The format of the class was the same where we went over the lesson, the recipes and then went into the kitchen to bake. Except this time we ran into problems with the recipes.

All of the recipes we use in the class are from our textbook. The textbook has recipes with very large yields. A yield is how much a recipe makes. We do not have the amount of money or time for each pair to make such large recipes. So when the recipes were cut down, some of the measurements got messed up.

We also got new scales that are not digital, but instead have a clock like face on them with all the ounces. With these new scales we cannot have odd measurements such as 2.4 ounces because the scale only measures exact ounces. The change in scales also messed up the measurements in the recipes.

When measuring out ingredients it is important to tare the scale first. To tare is to measure the container the ingredient will be sitting in while on the scale first, move the zero on the scale to where the container's weight is. This way the measurements will be accurate and not include the weight of the container. I do not have a scale at home, but measuring by weight is more accurate and an important part of the baking classes so far.

This class day went very well and look for the next BC post coming soon. BC#4 will be about baking with tree nuts, one of my allergens.

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