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Baking with Nuts (BC#4)

During this baking class we baked three items, two contained nuts, but there was so much cross contact I knew that the third item would not be safe. The professor told my partner and I that we did not have to include nuts. I told her we would include nuts because even if ours did not have nuts, everyone else is using nuts and they all bake at the same time in the same oven.

My partner did not actually crush the nuts like I think we were supposed to and I was actually kind of thankful for this. I didn't tell him not to not crush them, I think we forgot because we were distracted by the fact that we did not have a banana for our banana bread. So instead of banana nut bread we ended up with pear nut bread, which I had him take all of it home.

The other bread with nuts we made was an Orange Nut bread, which we also did not crush those nuts either. The nuts only touched the bowl we used and the container it went in for the oven. For these two breads we did not have to use the mixer, so there were no nuts used in the mixing bowl for our third recipe, which was apple spice muffins.

The reason I believe cross contact happened is because we did not clean the table off in between recipes. We did wash all of the dishes, but we did not clean the table until the end. For example if we put the spatula down on the table that was used while we were hand mixing the first two breads, then nuts did touch the table.

When we washed the dishes my nose did run a little, which could have been me reacting to the nuts. The baking of the nuts in the oven did not seem to bother me at all.

It was really fun making these recipes and it really didn't matter that I couldn't eat them. I am just glad I survived this first experience in baking class with nuts.

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