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Out of Time (CC#4)

During this class we were supposed to make a Velouté, Cream of Celery and French Onion Soup. The Velouté is part of the Cream of Celery. A Velouté is one of the mother sauces that is equal parts flour and fat and contains chicken stock.

My partner and I only finished making the Velouté and the French Onion Soup. We got so far behind that we did not even start the Cream of Celery. At home I have done lots of baking, but not much cooking. I do not have much experience cooking and this puts me at a disadvantage. The partner I had also has little to no experience cooking.

I was really overwhelmed and stressed out by all the tasks we had to get done in such a short amount of time. I messed up and diced an entire onion instead of half.

In the end I decided to not eat what we made and at the end of class I was able to speak to the professor. She said it was okay that we did not finish. It was only our third class actually cooking. I still have so much to learn.

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