• Alexa

Food Allergy Girl

For many years I tried to avoid being know as the "Food Allergy Girl". I just wanted to be like everyone else and not let others see me as just the classmate with food allergies. Somehow I outgrew this phase or just realized that I do not want to be like everyone else.

As much as I am more than just the classmate with food allergies, a lot of students and teachers viewed me as that. There are so many other parts that make up who I am besides my allergies. Many others never got really to know me because they let their fears of my food allergies define me.

In college however I have found that my food allergies are not defining me, but instead are becoming a conversation starter and helping me build connections.

The first day of each class, during attendance some professors recognized me as the girl who emailed them about my food allergies. The professors who did not mention that, I went up to them after class and told them. Informing my professors about my allergies helps them know who I am.

With my classmates, when I let them know about my food allergies, this conversation leads into careers and more. After all food allergies are related to food and we are all studying food.

I don't mind being the "Food Allergy Girl" because my professors and classmates here at college see that I am more than just allergic to food, and if I have a problem at least they know why. It is better that they know that I am allergic in case of an allergic reaction.

Food allergies are not my everything, they do not define me, they are only a part of me.



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