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Candy Molds from Ro's Baking Line

Awhile back I met Rosanna Pansino from Nerdy Nummies! Nerdy Nummies is one of the most popular baking channels on YouTube. Ro has a new baking line out with Wilton.

I have purchased three of the candy molds. I have the heart, gem stone and Nerdy Nummies silicone molds.

The Nerdy Nummies mold has a few small shapes in it and was perfect for making safe chocolate. I used Vermont Nut Free melting chocolate, since the Wilton brand candy melts are not safe.

Vermont Nut Free is a chocolate company that sells all kinds of chocolate products. They are my favorite brand of chocolate and I am so thankful for them. Their chocolate is the best I have ever had and if you are allergic to nuts I recommend them.

To make the Nerdy Nummies shaped chocolates I melted the Vermont Nut Free melting chocolate in a bowl in the microwave until it was liquid. Then I used a spoon a put some chocolate in each space of the mold. It probably would have been easier to use a piping bag, but I was afraid that some chocolate would be wasted that way. Then I tapped the whole mold on the counter and placed into the fridge.

Once the chocolate was hard I took it out of the fridge. Then I stretched the mold by pulling on the sides. Then I flipped the whole mold over and tapped. The chocolates came out really nice and detailed. They are pictured above.

With the gem stone and heart molds I attempted to make jello jigglers. Sadly I was not successful because I forgot to spray the molds beforehand. So the jello jigglers did not come out of the molds. I thought the gem stone molds especially would be really pretty as jello. Above are photos of the jello when I realized they would not be coming out of the molds.

I am hoping to use the molds for other purposes besides chocolate and failed jello jigglers. It was really fun to make and I was glad I could eat it and share it with my family. Even if the jello jigglers did not look like anything.

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