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Your Towel is on Fire (CC#5)

Remember the partner I had from BC#2? I had the same partner again here in CC#5.

We made hollandaise, potato pancakes and blanched broccoli. I did not eat anything, if you remember from BC#2, you understand why.

Besides the fact that I did not feel like the food was safe to eat, it probably was not even good. For starters I had to read the instructions aloud to my partner, without me doing this he did not read them at all. He also was not the greatest at measuring ingredients so everything was probably way too spicy. A pinch of something is not a tablespoon.

Half of our potato pancakes before they were even cooked ended up on the floor. The first round of them cooked were burnt. The broccoli was overcooked. Let's just say my partner did not understand the difference between low and high heat.

If you are wondering what in the world I was doing during all of this. I peeled the potatoes. Fixed the amount of ingredients if they were not already thrown in. Got the missing supplies and equipment that magically kept disappearing. Read the directions to my partner and watched him. Every time I looked away was chaos.

When we made the hollandaise sauce, too much lemon juice was poured in, which ruined the thickness. The lab assistant and his many attempts to help, told us we needed to add more heat to the sauce. There was a towel between the hot bath and bowl with the sauce. We were told to turn it up on low, I was going to do it, but my partner said he could it.

I let him and turned around to gather some dirty dishes. When I turned back around I noticed a flame on the towel. It had not even been a few seconds since I looked away. I told my partner there was a fire and at first he did not believe me.

I told him again and stood there to see if he would do anything. He completely froze so I had to tell him to pick up the whole thing and put it in the sink with running water. When he removed everything I saw that the stove was not on low, but on very high. I turned that off and told him that it was not on low.

Without my direction we would have been toast. We barely handed in our plate on time and our hollandaise sauce did not even come out right. I did not care at this point, I was just in such disbelief of everything between BC#2 and this CC#5.

It is a teaching kitchen and I understand that some people have a lot more to learn than others. If only my partner had slowed down and not have been in such a rush, then maybe everything would have turned out better.

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