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An Update on the Other School Cafeterias

This is an update to the post: Cafeteria Food at School. About a month ago I checked out one of the three cafeterias at school and learned that I cannot eat almost anything from that cafeteria. Recently I learned that the other two cafeterias are not better and in fact are not even cafeterias.

There is a Starbucks, not a cafeteria. I have never had Starbucks and I do not plan on liking coffee or any drinks similar, so therefore I have no reason to eat there. Water is my favorite drink, which I can just bring from home.

The other cafeteria used to be a cafeteria, but they closed it, put a wall up and replaced it with vending machines. I do not eat from vending machines. The food is packaged, but you do not know how old it is or if a package was torn and the food had allergens in it. This would create cross contact and who knows how often vending machines are cleaned.

It is disappointing that there is no safe food to eat at school, but it is very expensive food. So on the bright side I am saving a lot of money and eating healthier by bringing my own food.



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