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Event, Not Class (BC#6)

Instead of making crepes and fritters like planned, it happened to be the inauguration of the third college president. Our class plans were cancelled and replaced with cleaning up from the brunch for the college president and staff earlier in the day. By the time our class was scheduled to begin was about the time when the brunch was just finishing up and a celebration parade was about to start.

We were asked to participate by lining up outside for a parade. We kept getting asked to move where we were standing because there were not enough students to actually fill up the pathway. We ended up holding a sign with our department name and spent most of our time trying to avoid the bees. There were lots of bees around.

When that finished, we went into the area where the brunch was held. We were asked to eat the leftovers, but I decided to not eat anything. We sat for a few minutes until it was time to clean up. There were a lot of us there to clean up and we started by just gathering everything to a center table. Then we put everything onto a cart and brought everything back to our kitchen.

Trying to wash everything and put it back in its place was rough. No one knew where anything belonged or what to do. It often felt like everyone was just in each other's way and nothing was being accomplished. Somehow we did manage to wash everything and put everything back, but it took awhile.

At some point someone dropped a glass and I ended up cleaning it. Glass flies really far and I kept finding chunks everywhere. I also ended up mopping the kitchen, which I was really excited about. It was my first time mopping the school kitchen.

By the time we had finished, our time for class was over. We were not able to take the quiz or any labs that we had originally planned to do. Now we are a week behind on the syllabus.

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