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Gumbo without Fish (CC#6)

I always thought gumbo was a type of soup with fish in it. We made a chicken gumbo and there was no fish involved. There were a lot of vegetables involved though.

I had a really good partner and we were able to finish our items on time. This was my first time finishing on time in cooking class. I was even able to take a photo of what we made, see above! We have not been taught about plating yet, it is taught next semester.

In addition to making chicken gumbo, we made risotto and sautéed zucchini. I have never had or made risotto before, so it was interesting to make.

The gumbo and risotto had chicken stock in it, from one of our very first classes. All of the stock from everyone was placed into a shared container and has been used in different recipes in almost every class. Therefore I have not been eating much of anything in cooking class, because I cannot control what is actually in the stock. I do not know if there has been any cross contamination or anything.

It was really fun to make everything and I am looking forward to the next class day.

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