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Catch Up (BC#7)

To catch up to the syllabus we got to finally make the crepes and fritters and we also made pizza. I have made pizza before, but never crepes and fritters. It was a lot to make in such little time.

In the end I didn't get to eat anything, even though I probably could have eaten the pizza and crepes. I did take home one crepe, but I think we did not end up eating it anyway. The fritters were fried so once again I stayed away from the fryer. I am still not sure what kind of oil they use and what has been fried in the oil before. It is just safer for me to stay away from the frier.

By the time I had finished cleaning up my station, my partner and other classmates had already eaten all of the pizza, so I did not get any. I am starting to think that most people in my classes hear food allergies and assume I cannot eat anything.

My partner did not want the fritters, so we donated them to an open house for the next day. I also gave the remaining crepes to one of the department secretaries. This time none of the food I made went to waste.

Most of the time the food goes into the trash when I have a partner that is not very sanitary and/or I cannot eat it and no one else wants it.

Stay tuned for next time when I make cream cheese brownies and snickerdoodle cookies.

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