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That's a Lot of Cabbage (CC#7)

During this cooking class my partner and I made Espagnole, Duchesse Potatoes and Braised Red Cabbage. The Espagnole was interesting to make, it had a lot of vegetables in it and the brown stock from the very first week. The brown stock was like frozen solid when we had to deal with it. I guess it was frozen so it would stay good.

The Duchesse Potatoes involved using a food mill to turn the potatoes into a paste. It took forever to get all of the potato through the mill. Then we got to use a piping bag and a tip to make shapes on a sheet tray. It's always fun to use a piping bag.

Then we made Braised Red Cabbage. The cabbage was this beautiful purple color, but we cooked it too much so it turned kind of brown and when we plated it, our professor told us a normal person would not eat nearly as much cabbage as we put out. It looked like a salad consisted of just cabbage. I've never had cabbage before so how was I supposed to know how much someone can eat of it.

I did not eat anything of the items, since the stock was used in them. I had a good partner and it was a good learning experience. I forgot to take a photo of everything this time, maybe next time I will remember.

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