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Brownies, Cookies & Almonds (BC#8)

We made cream cheese brownies and snickerdoodle cookies. I do not like cream cheese and the brand of chocolate used is not safe for me. My partner and I gave all of our items to the lab assistant and she was very happy.

Our brownies and cookies came out okay, see above for the image. I remembered to take a photo! Our cookies were actually the only flat cookies out of everyone there. We melted our butter and used perhaps a little more than we should have. Apparently we were not supposed to melt the butter.

The professor was very concerned about our cookie dough batter because it was so thin. Before attempting to scoop cookies, I decided to wash some dishes. When I came back the batter had thickened out. I was able to scoop the cookies and bake them, they just could not be rolled in cinnamon sugar. They were unable to hold a round ball shape. Even though it seemed like our cookies would fail they came out very nice and thin, like a cookie. Where everyone else's cookies were thick and didn't really look like cookies.

I was glad that I didn't have to throw them out and that the lab assistant could take them home. It always feels like I have to throw out a lot of food.

After class I spoke with the professor about next class. We are supposed to make French Macaroons and Biscotti. I have decorated Biscotti at work before wearing gloves, but Biscotti is not the problem here.

French Macaroons are made with Almond Flour. The recipe calls for my classmates to make their own almond flour by taking almonds and using a food processor to make it into flour. Then they have to sift this flour and mix in some other stuff it in.

Being in a room where everywhere is making Almond Flour is not a good idea. I explained to the professor that I could probably go into anaphylaxis. Not only would I be breathing in the Almond Flour but it would get everywhere and there is not way rubber gloves is going to protect me. All of the sifters, mixers, bowls, spatulas, piping tips, sheet trays, sinks, everything is going to be contaminated with Almond Flour.

Based off of the cleaning skills I've seen from some people so far, I know that this Almond Flour is going to be around for awhile. The professor decided it would just be safer if I stayed home and didn't come to class that day. This means that I have to make my own safe French Macaroons and Biscotti at home.

For the Biscotti I am going to try to use chocolate chips instead of almonds. For the French Macaroons I told the professor I could use a seed flour, such as sunflower seeds. Then I found a problem, it is very difficult to find a safe sunflower seed company. Therefore I cannot even eat seeds.

So the only other possible solution is to use white chocolate. There are only two brands of safe white chocolate that I know of: Vermont Nut Free and Bakers White Chocolate. These are expensive chocolates, so I pray these French Macaroons come out okay because there is no other solution out there.

I then I have to photograph both the French Macaroons and Biscotti and email the photos to her so I can receive a grade. Then I will actually be able to eat them since I made them in my own safe kitchen at home with my own safe ingredients.

I am hoping that they come out okay, I have no idea if it will actually work. I am pretty nervous, but stayed tuned for next class when I stay home and not go to class.

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