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Concert, Nerd Convention, Sweet 16 Parties

October was a very exciting month. I know we are now well into November, but I thought it would be fun to share my highlights from October.

So the first event was actually in September, not even October. I went to a sweet sixteen. It was a super fun party. I ate dinner before I went to the party, which was a good idea, since I was unable to eat anything. It was a lot of greek food and I had no idea what was in anything, so it was just safer to avoid eating. I had a lot of fun celebrating my friend's birthday and did not need food to do so, like always.

The next event I attended was a concert. I went to see Katy Perry with my sister and two of our friends. I was surprised by how much food was sold in the arena. There were food vendors everywhere and there were a lot of items that contained my allergens. My sister and I only got water and our friends got some food, but none of them directly contained my allergens. The concert was amazing and I am so thankful for the experience.

Then later in October I went to what I would call a Nerd Convention. It was a three day convention that was close to where I live, so I could drive there and back home each day. The convention was themed around a television show I watch and the actors came to speak. There was some food sold at the convention from a single vendor. It did not seem like they were selling that many of my allergens, but to be safe I did not purchase any food. I brought all my own food. The convention was an awesome experience and I am so thankful to have seen so many actors I admire in person.

The final event in October was another sweet sixteen. At this sweet sixteen I was able to eat some of the dinner food, it was pretty good. The server even brought me a fruit bowl instead of cake. The party was really fun and we danced a lot. It was nice to get to eat the food, but as you know, it's never about the food. It's about the people and the experience.



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