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Cooking x3 (CC#8, #9 & #10)

There has been so much going on recently, that I have decided to combine cooking classes #8, #9 and #10 into one post. Here is a brief summary of each class.

Thai Food (CC#8):

During this class I realized that instead of throwing the food I make away, I can just give it to the lab assistant. Since the Thai Red Curry Sauce we made contained some form of fish sauce and coconut milk in it, I did not eat it. This is one reason why this kind of food can be dangerous for those with allergies, it may appear like there are no allergens in it by just looking at it, when actually there are. In the end the lab assistant told me the food was good, so I am very glad about that.

Peppers (CC#9):

On this class day we made some sort of I think Mexican food, it was a lot to do in one class and I am really not exactly sure what we even made. In the recipe there were two kinds of peppers and I accidentally mixed up the two of them. Therefore I had to pull out all of the wrong kind of peppers from the pot and then add the correct ones. The food still came out okay and at the end of this class I gave all my food to the lab assistant again.

Potato Gnocchi (CC#10):

We were supposed to make gnocchi with tomato sauce. However the gnocchi did not come out the way we hoped. When it was placed into the boiling water it fell apart and turned into mush instead of cooking like pasta. I believe we did not use enough flour, but I am not entirely sure. We ended up having to throw it all out. We also made tomato sauce, which seemed to be okay. It was fun to make everything, it was just a little disappointing to watch the work you did evaporate into the boiling water.

The next class we are supposed to make egg pasta and I am just going to hope that turns out okay and maybe for once I can bring food home from this class.

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