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Baking From Home (BC#9)

Not being unable to attend this baking class day was the safer option. It is the first class day I have missed so far. Hopefully it is the only day.

Baking from home was very fun since it was in my own safe and clean kitchen. I could actually eat the items I made.

First was the Biscotti, that instead of almonds contained craisins and orange zest. It formed into a dough and then was baked twice to have the texture of Biscotti.

It tasted really good and it is definitely a recipe I plan on making again. Perhaps it will be added to the list of Christmas cookies we make in our house every year.

Second was the French Macaron, which I think I was accidentally spelling with two "o's", but I am also not so sure it matters since everyone seems to know what I mean. I have never even thought about French Macarons before, so how am I supposed to know.

I used pink food dye, but then came out to be more of a tan color. In place of the almonds I used white chocolate and ended up having to use two different brands. Luckily we found a second safe brand that was not so expensive. I was excited that they formed into the right shapes and looked like what I think real ones look like.

For the filling I used white buttercream that I made. In the end they looked really good, but were super sweet. The white chocolate in the outside part made it really sweet and then with the white buttercream it was very sugary. I was not able to eat too many of them, but I was just so glad they came out okay.

I was able to create two bakery items that should have had a main ingredient of almonds and instead they were completely nut free. I had never made either item before and I am so thankful that they turned out the way I hoped.

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