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Bread x3 (BC#10, #11 & #12)


I was partnered with my friend again, which is always exciting. We made hard rolls and french bread. I am also certain that I have made french bread before, but I do not think I have ever made hard rolls before this class.

They were both fun to make and involved a lot of mixing. For the first few minutes the paddle was used and then changed to the dough hook. For the hard rolls we used too much egg by accident and as a result had to add a lot of extra flour.

Both breads came out okay, which we were glad about. It was kind of a rush for time, so we were able to coat both breads with water before they went into the oven, but we did not score them. I am not entirely sure if scoring would have made any difference to them.

The breads tasted really good and looked okay. The accidental extra egg and flour in the hard rolls gave them a really good flavor. On the recipe I wrote the error we made to be sure to do it next time, without the extra egg it probably would not have had the nice, strong favor. It was really fun to make these breads and I hope to make them again at home.


I was partnered with my friend again! It is really nice to get to work with someone you can trust and you know will do a good job. We made bread again during this class! This time we made Challah and Herb Foccacia. I have made Challah bread many times before and it is one of my favorites. I had never made Herb Foccacia until this class.

We got really behind with the time because we had to change our mixer three times. The first mixer did not physically mix. The second mixer's bowl did not go up so the dough hook could not reach the bowl and the dough. The third mixer was another station's mixer that we were told to use by the lab assistant. The delay in our mixing process put us behind the other groups and the proofing process.

Still somehow we managed to finish both breads on time. Our braids for the Challah bread did not come out like we wanted since we only had seconds to do it. Since we had to rush, our Herb Foccacia was not exactly flat and had a little too much olive oil that we had to paper towel off after it baked.

When they came out of the oven, they both looked pretty nice considering how much time was lost. If we had the proper amount of time I hope they would have come out much better. They tasted good and looked mostly okay.


Somehow I was partnered with my friend AGAIN! Having my friend as my partner for three classes in a row was really nice and I was actually able to eat what we made each class together.

On this day we made sweet rolls and brioche rolls. These were probably the best items we have made during the semester so far. They came out exactly as we hoped and we did not have any major difficulties with time or equipment. These are items I plan on making again, at home. With the results, these items were worth the time and effort put into them.

Learning how to make all of these different kinds of breads was a really good experience. Bread making is definitely something I want to continue to do at home.

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