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Madison Square Garden

With the gourmet club at school, I went on a field trip to Madison Square Garden in New York City.

We met at a common train station and took the train straight to Penn Station in the city. I had never taken the train before, but found it really enjoyable. It was interesting to see how the train worked and if anyone ate food on the train. It seemed like the train was an open space for riders to snack and such, but it didn't feel like there was too much food.

When we arrived to Penn Station, we had to go upstairs pretty quickly to get to our backstage tour of Madison Square Garden. The security there was similar to the airport, but I was not questioned about my epi-pen which was nice. Sometimes with airport style security I have to explain why I have epi-pens.

Then we went on our tour of Madison Square Garden. The tour consisted of the history of the place and seeing the arena from multiple seats and suites. We also saw a lot of the hospitality aspects such as the kitchens and receiving areas. All of the food in Madison Square Garden is made in house and all catering situations are also handled in house.

We met with the head of food and catering service. He handles all of the food in the suites, the food sold in the vendor areas and all issues related to the suites and vendors. He had a lot of information to share with us about all that Madison Square Garden has to offer. Large corporations such as those included in the Fortune Top 100, have suites for their employees. These companies pay thousands of dollars for just the suite and then the price of food is separate.

It was fascinating to learn about how food service is handled at such a large venue such as Madison Square Garden. After the tour, we walked around the city for a while. I did not really find any actual lunch food to eat, so I just snacked. Other students found food they could eat, which I was glad about. When I spoke the manager at the one place we stopped at he told me there was nothing safe there. The other place was like a market and it was so busy in there I figured it would be easier not to deal with finding something.

As always it was not about the food and it was about the experience. The backstage tour of Madison Square Garden was a once in a lifetime experience. It's important to take advantage of the cool field trips and events your school offers.

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