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Handmade Pasta (CC#11 & #12)

The last two regular lab days in my cooking class were all about starches.


On this day we made pasta from scratch. We made egg pasta which resulted in fettuccini alfredo with vegetables and chicken. To make the pasta we had to use a pasta machine. They were new machines and since they were stainless steel we were unable to wash them or get them wet. Therefore we had to run paper towels through the machine until the paper towel came out clean.

I had a really nice partner and we had a lot of fun making the pasta. I actually remembered to take photos of what we made, see above! I also was able to eat some of the pasta, but I did not eat too much of it since the alfredo sauce contained heavy cream. This was definitely my favorite regular lab day in my cooking class.


On this day we made Béchamel and Moussaka. It was difficult to make both of these items, as they involved a lot of steps. I am not really sure what the Moussaka was supposed to be and I just gave it to the lab assistant to eat as usual. The lab assistant over the semester really adjusted to eating my portion of the food, which I am glad about since most of the time the food I made would have just gone to waste.

Next class we will be using the recipes and skills we learned over the semester to prepare for the holiday party that the department hosts for the school president, board and staff each year.

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