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Prep for Holiday Party Part 1 (BC#13)

All of the lab classes take part in the annual holiday party for the college president, board and staff. The week before the party we do a lot of preparations so the day of the party we don't have so much to do.

In my baking class we got split into groups of two or three to make all different desserts for the party. The theme of the party was Miami, Florida.

My group was assigned to make aniseed cookies. I got to work with my friend again!

We made them in sheet pans, so after they baked they could be cut into rectangles. The tops of the cookies before we cut them into rectangles got covered in cinnamon sugar. The recipe called for one cup of cinnamon and eight teaspoons of sugar. I asked the professor before combining the ingredients if the recipe was correct since the numbers seemed off. She said it was fine.

After I combined the ingredients the professor realized the recipe was incorrect. So my professor had to keep adding sugar to make up for there being way too much cinnamon. We did not use all of the cinnamon sugar and I can say there is a lot of it leftover in the pantry if anyone needs any.

It was a fun dessert to make, unique to Miami, Florida. I did taste test the cookie upon request of the professor. None of my allergens were in the cookies, but I never had aniseed before and there was some form of alcohol in them, so it was a risk. I survived so that's good, but I probably should not have eaten it.

The last lab day in my baking class is after the holiday party is over. We will be making danishes.

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