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Prep for Holiday Party Part 2 (CC#13)

During this class day there was construction in the kitchen. We were not allowed to use the kitchen for about the first hour. So we started by cleaning and setting up the dining room tables to cut vegetables for different dishes for the holiday party. We sat at the dining room tables with our cutting boards and knife kits. To wash the vegetables we had to use the sink under the bar, which was quite awkward. The sink was very tiny and difficult to reach. I cut lots of celery and basil.

By the time we finished all of the vegetables we were able to go into the kitchen. First my partner and I made bread crumbs. I was thankful to work with someone who I am friends with. The professor let us use the oven all by ourselves to toast the bread and then the food processor. I thought this was interesting considering the baking professor doesn't let us use the oven by ourselves.

Then we helped make conch appetizer balls. By the end of the class I had eczema and some small hives on my arms. I think conch is a fish and not a shellfish, but I reacted to something. This was the first time this happened to my arms and unfortunately it won't be the last time....

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