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Holiday Party (BC&CC#14)

I had to work the holiday party for both my cooking and baking class. I was in the kitchen from 11:30 am to 7 pm. It was a very long day, but I learned so much about the kitchen.

As soon as I was in my uniform, I got thrown into the mix with the cake decorating class. I helped one student with her buttercream and washed some of her dishes. I also helped one of the lab assistants with the ice cream machine. Even though it was hours before the party was even to begin there were many people in the kitchen.

Once the cake decorating class finished, my cooking class took over most of the kitchen. The nutrition class was also in and out of the kitchen at all different times. My group was to make the drinks. They did not have alcohol in them, but contained fruit and the powdered mixes to flavor the drink.

We were supposed to also work on cooking a pig, but in the end we did not take any part of cooking or helping with the pig. One of the members of my group switched into my group because our first task was the drinks. She is vegan, but is not allergic to anything. She by choice is vegan.

While we were working on the drinks, one of the professors decided to start working on the pig behind us. When she saw the pig she started to get anxious and before I knew it she ran out. I was unsure if she would come back or not, and when she did come back I tried to calm her down and tell her it would all be okay.

I learned that I with allergies could not help her at all. She doesn't have to carry an epi-pen or worry about having an allergic reaction or potentially dying. I see food as something that could hurt me. She sees animals being eaten as something that hurts animals. I didn't know how to relate. I tried to explain to her that I can understand her views and all people have different food situations. That in this school kitchen they use my allergens just like they use animal products. I am willing to work with and handle my allergens. She was unwilling to work with and handle animal products. So she left.

So we went from a group of three to a group of two. They assigned the two of us left to do dishes. We didn't get to do any more food tasks. The professor ended up finishing the pig without any students being involved.

When the classes switched, I was told to stop doing dishes. I did so many dishes and I liked it. It was my own corner away from the chaos. So eventually after awhile I was yelled at for doing too many dishes and I got thrown back into the kitchen.

I was asked to plate shrimp. I put on gloves. Then I got yelled at for plating them wrong. I looked at the professor and said, "I'm allergic to shrimp, I have never been this close to shrimp before, how am I supposed to know what I'm doing?"

She didn't have anything to say except show me how to properly plate shrimp. So I plated hundreds of shrimp. And in the end she said my plates were beautiful.

Then I got moved to setting up and finishing the desserts in the dining room. After that I helped plate a few other food items. Then it was time to clean up and before I knew it the party was over. By the end of the night my arms were covered in eczema and some small hives. I had touched so many items I was allergic to that I have no idea what I even reacted to.

Overall I really liked being the kitchen during the holiday party. It was a little overwhelming at times, but I enjoyed the chaos and how almost everyone came together to pull the whole event together.

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