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Danishes (BC#15)

On our last baking lab day in the kitchen we made danishes. I have made danishes once before. It is a long procedure involving folding the butter and dough to create layers. We were able to choose partners, so my friend and I got to work together again.

We chose to fold our danishes into pinwheel shapes. We cut the dough into squares, then cut slits in the corners and folded each piece over so it looked like a pinwheel.

When it came to the filling part of the danishes. I picked a new jar of raspberry jam and pulled out the jam we would use in case of cross contact. The reason I was concerned was because Nutella was an option for filling.

I also asked the professor to bake our danishes in a separate oven from the danishes with the Nutella. She did as I asked and I was very thankful. Our danishes came out really nice and it was the best item we made together all semester.

I was so glad to have gotten to be partners so much with my friend. I would not have survived my baking class without her. I am so lucky to have met her. On the first day of class we talked about food allergies and that's what it started it all. She cannot have gluten or dairy products, does not carry an epi-pen, but we still have so much in common. We know what it is like to have food as an enemy, but how to make it work anyway. I am so thankful for her.

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