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Endings and Beginnings (BC&CC#16)

The fall semester ended about a month ago and the spring one starts this week! I completed an online winter course in between semesters which kept me very busy. Here is a review of my fall courses (and winter course) and a preview of the spring semester. At the very end of this post is about accessibility services again....

Fall 2017 in Review:

Composition One:

The first half of the required six credits of English. I like English so I liked the course.

Algebra Part One of Three:

I might somehow actually be good at math. I am ready to take on part two.

Intro to Foods (CC):

I survived this lab course and I am thankful for that and the friends I met along the way.

Intro to Baking (BC):

I enjoyed most of this lab course (especially when I got to work with my friend!) and was able to improve my baking skills. Unfortunately I may not have enough room in my schedule to take the second level of baking.

Serv-Safe Food Handling:

I earned my Serv-Safe certificate through the NRAEF! I really enjoyed this class and learned that I have a real interest in safety and sanitation, probably because I have food allergies.

Success in Hospitality:

This course helped guide me in choosing my courses for the future semesters.

Food Management:

Still waiting on my scores from the NRAEF, but overall I found the course to be interesting. The course went over many important topics related to controlling costs.


Best decision I made to take this course. If you are a person with anxiety I recommend learning yoga and meditation.

Winter 2018 in Review:

Intro to Hospitality:

In three and a half weeks I read and wrote about twenty-seven chapters related to the field of hospitality and management. Now I know for sure that I hope to be a restaurant manager someday.

Spring 2018 Preview:

Composition Two:

This will be the second half of the required credits for English.

Algebra Part Two of Three:

Let's math!

Intro to Business:

I am excited to learn all about the world of business.

Cultural Anthropology:

The second general education course needed to graduate. The first one I took was General Psychology spring of 2016 when I was still in high school. I went to the college every Monday night and learned psychology. I took anthropology in high school and loved it so I am hoping I will love the college version just as much.

Marketing and Event Planning:

This course title just sounds like fun. I am so excited. This will be my second hospitality elective, the first one was Intro to Baking. Two hospitality electives are needed for graduation.

Accessibility Services Again:

The end of this post is about a phone call I had with the head of accessibility services after the end of the fall semester. I emailed her and then she called me to discuss the situations I was involved in this past semester. If you notice I am not taking a lab course next semester because I am in need of some time away from the school kitchen. It is not that I really care about what personally happened to me, it is more that some changes need to be made and I am hoping that they can be made before I have to enter the kitchen again or anyone else with food allergies has to enter the kitchen.

I kept the phone call simple and to the point. What happened to me is not about me, its about the other fifteen million people with food allergies who might decide they want to go into the world of hospitality and restaurants.

Instead of reporting the incidents as they happened, I chose to share them all at the end of the semester. For my personal situation I felt like this was the right thing to do. This may not be the right thing for others with food allergies to do, let me explain.

Situation One:

In my cooking class my allergens were brought in by students not protected under the ADA. This put me in medical danger almost every class. If these food items were not brought in, my allergens would have almost never been used in this course. I did not do anything or say anything about it, I stayed as an observer to see if the professor or students would approach me about it and they did not. I will say that if I wanted to make a change it would have been my responsibility to speak up and I choose not to. As a result I found myself with hives and eczema at the end of the semester.

Situation Two:

I was excluded from one of my baking class days because of my allergens. I agreed to do this, but I also used my own money to buy the supplies to complete the assignment at home. Since I am registered under the ADA I should not have been excluded, but it was easier for me to just not go to class that day. In the end I received extra points for the assignment and learned a lot about substitutions, but it may not have been the right thing to do.

This is a learning process for all of us and I believe that by sharing these situations after they happened I can take myself out of them. These situations could have happened to anyone with food allergies. During this first semester I wanted to see what it was like to be a student with food allergies and not make too big of a deal about them and see what would happen. It may have not been the safest idea, but it was so I could learn how my professors and classmates would handle food allergies in the kitchen without me having to mention them every time. Therefore we can take this information and use it to make being in the kitchen safer for others with food allergies.

Please note: If I had a severe allergic reaction that could have lead to death during the semester, I would have reported that immediately and not have waited until the end of the semester.

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