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Chicken (B2K#2)

During the second lab day of class we learned all about chicken. We watched multiple videos about how to pull apart a chicken and yet my classmates and I were still really confused. I had never seen a full chicken before and then be instructed to cut it apart in like eight pieces. Therefore our instructor ended up using our chickens to show us how to cut it, which resulted in realizing that it is actually just easier to purchase the chickens in the precut pieces.

We made two kinds of chicken including poached breast of chicken with tarragon sauce and chicken fricassee. We also made rice pilaf. It took us awhile to make both kinds of chicken and we actually went a little over the time limit we were supposed to have.

It was really fun to make both kinds of chicken came out really well despite they were actually a little overcooked. It is probably better to have overcooked chicken than undercooked. The chicken tasted really good and so did the rice pilaf. I was glad that none of my allergens were involved so I could eat everything we made.

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