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"The Light is Coming"

Scroll down the Work Category page on my website and the truth is there: I have not blogged about work in over a year. However the amount of information I have learned and experience I have gained during my time in the last year, or even just the last month at work has been incredible.

I now have just over two years of work experience and I know for sure that hospitality and restaurant management industry is where I belong. I love what we do at work, what we represent and how we help bring celebration and happiness into the lives of our guests.

This summer I took a customer relations course for my certification towards small business management. This course allowed me to rediscover that even though I have an interest in food and I love being in the kitchen, it is not everything. In this past year I have realized I prefer the management side of the restaurant industry and this truly aligns with why I went into hospitality to begin with: my love for people.

There is no better feeling in the world when guests come in and I can help them, make them smile, laugh and just make their day a little brighter. I love when we develop a relationship and they continue to come and share their life stories. Our lives intertwine and even though it is such a simple connection, I really believe it can help make all the difference. By choosing to be happy, offering a smile and giving everything I can to help, in this role I am allowing the light of hospitality to shine. The good in this world is about helping each other out and doing my best to help others is what I plan to do for the rest of my life.

Guests are only a part of the customer relation world, as the other side are the employees. In order for the light to shine in my place of work, everyone needs to choose to have a positive attitude and be willing to give their all, but also receive support and motivation to continue to do their best. Where I work we want to be there, we choose to do what's right, we work together and we support each other. A team really does make the dream work.

My life consists of school and work, but it also involves being able to share my experiences with the world. This November I will be speaking in Washington DC at Food Allergy Research and Education's (FARE) first ever FARECon featuring Teen Summit. My session is called: Studying & Working in the Food Industry with Food Allergies.

On FARE's website I am honored and so thankful to be included as a featured session. Click the link here to see a preview about my session along with many others:

The complete FARECon schedule is also up and you can click the link here to see the full plan of sessions and you can click on mine to read more about it:

With all the recent excitement with school, work and FARECon I know "the light is coming" as I am hopeful of helping make school, work and the world a better place to celebrate life.

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