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A Safe and Fair Christmas

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and is looking forward to the new year!

This year for Christmas my sister and I got each other gifts. I got her some jewelry, stickers and a blanket and she got me some snacks from The Safe + Fair Food Company!

This past November at FARECon I met a representative from The Safe + Fair Food Company. They had a table set up with information packets and free snacks. The representative was very kind and I actually sat with her at lunch one of the days. Throughout the weekend my mom and I continued to go back to her company's table to get more samples of the snacks. The majority of the free snacks we brought home from the conference was from The Safe + Fair Food Company.

Once my mom and I got home from the conference over the course of the next week my entire family ate the snacks and loved them. My sister, Kate especially enjoyed them and for Christmas she ordered these huge boxes of Abby's cookies and Remy's grahams. She also ordered bags of popcorn quinoa chips and the cake mix. Not only are all these items peanut and tree nut free, but they all are non-GMO, made with whole grain, contain no artificial ingredients, have no preservatives, have no trans fat and have no high fructose corn syrup. Some of their products are even certified kosher.

We already baked the cake mix and it made what I would call a very moist and delicious cake. Kate also ate the cake and she liked it, which is a big deal because she doesn't usually eat or like cake. Kate also really likes the popcorn quinoa chips. I have not tried them yet as they are made from many kinds of seeds and I don't typically eat seeds, so I'm not sure if I would be okay to eat them or not. My personal favorite is Remy's cinnamon grahams. I also like Remy's honey grahams as well. The treat Kate and I are probably found eating together most of the time are Abby's chocolate chip cookies.These snacks are such amazing treats that all people with or without food allergies will love to enjoy together.

The Safe + Fair Food Company has a very nice website that clearly describes and provides the ingredient labels for all of their products. The pricing is also very reasonable and is just like the prices you would find in a grocery store. New customers and orders over $40 ship for free which is also great. For more information about the Safe + Fair Food Company and to order any of their snacks you can visit their website here.

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