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New year, new semester

It's almost a month into the new year and exactly a month since the beginning of my new 2019 Passion Planner. Throughout time we go through a lot of experiences and events considered to be new and different. Sometimes walking away from the well known is difficult, but it also allows us to start over and try something new.

The new semester has just begun and even though it's called the spring semester, it's still winter out there. I finished my winter semester a few days before the spring one started and I received A's in both my online catering course and online first half of United States history course.

Now for the spring semester I'm taking the second half of United States history also as an online course. I figured I took the first half online I might as well take the second one online too. Thanks to my dual major I can actually take history and it counts towards my programs.

I am also taking my first science class at college, this is a new course and is only the second time it's run. This course is a botany course and is all about the study of plants. With my previous experience in gardening and gleaning I have an interest and maybe I could even call it a passion with plants. As a part of the class we are going to be able to work in the college greenhouses and grow our own plants. I should be okay in these labs because there should not be any nuts involved and if there are legumes as long as I do not eat them I should be fine.

I'm taking a ceramics course because I haven't taken an art class since high school and I miss it. I'm taking this class with one of my friends and we are having a great time so far.

This semester I am also taking a class where we learn how to use Quickbooks 2015. Math is not my strongest subject, but I am hoping I will be okay with learning computerized accounting.

I am also taking another business class, I have taken many different business courses in my college journey so far. This one is all about how to plan and finance a small business. We are going to be designing our own businesses and doing all the actual plans as if our business was real. Some students in my class are actually trying to or have their own business, so I definitely want to really consider the options before deciding on one to do. The information we gather and organize for this semester long project may be something I could reference in the future. I have written business and marketing plans before, but this is the first one I am doing that will include real financial estimates and plans of starting from scratch.

As much as I am looking forward to my classes this semester, I am just as excited, if not more excited to continue working on the college newspaper and helping the college honor society. Clubs and extracurricular activities are in my mind just as important as the classes. Good grades are great, but showing that you are involved and care about something outside the classroom is just as valuable.

I am looking forward to sharing my experiences and stories throughout the semester, especially as this semester has already brought a lot of change. I've already had to face a lot of new things and I'm starting to discover that even though new can be scary, it can also be really good.

As mentioned in the beginning, this year for 2019 I am using a Passion Planner and as result my January has been full of goal setting and achieving. Later in February I hope to share with you how I use my Passion Planner and why you may want to consider using one too.

And with that, welcome to the new year and new semester.

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