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Happy Valentine's Day! Or Heartbreak Day as others may call it. This day last year I was in a relationship and this year I'm on my own. Being single again has allowed me to evaluate life in a different way and take some action in hopes of becoming a better person. We all have the ability and the power to be whoever we decide to become.

At the end of 2018 I did an activity where we had to try to figure out what we really wanted. That day I couldn't figure it exactly, it took some time. Eventually I realized that all I really wanted was to be happy with myself and my life again. I wasn't happy with myself.

So now I'm on the journey of self-discovery in hopes of finding myself again. I'm opening myself back up to new possibilities and opportunities. Letting in the sunshine and thoughts of inspiration and creativity.

In order to try to rediscover myself I've been trying new things. Here are six steps you can try to learn more about yourself and make the most of everyday. I recommend trying at least a few of these steps as I have started to find success with them, but everyone is different and all things do take time. Not everything works for everyone, but consider being open to trying something new.

Step 1: Get a Passion Planner and learn about what is really important to you. Set reasonable goals and prioritize your time.

Step 2: Download and purchase a yearly subscription of the Headspace app. Wake up and start your day by finding a sense of calm and clarity about how you want your day to go.

Step 3: Find a coloring book and set aside time each day for a little bit of decompressing and relaxing. My favorite illustrator is Johanna Basford and I love all her coloring books.

Step 4: Try a form of dancing, I used to do Jazzercise, but recently I've tried Zumba and it's really fun. Physical exercise is really good and can even make you feel happier.

Step 5: Do some arts and crafts! In addition to coloring you may enjoy painting pottery, knitting hats and making collages with colorful paper and stickers. Being creative and doing something just for fun can be a good break.

Step 6: Smile more. Smiling makes you happier. :)


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