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A-Z Allergies with Julia

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

With summer coming to an end, Julia from Julia’s Guide to Food Allergies and I decided to do one final summer 2020 collaboration together with A-Z Allergies! This post features letters A-M and for letters N-Z be sure to check out Julia’s post on her website here.


The most severe reaction is Anaphylaxis, which is when it becomes difficult for it to breathe and blood to flow. For more information on Anaphylaxis visit FARE's website here.

Blood tests

When determining allergies, a blood test helps a person learn how allergic they are to an allergen. Component tests may also be done to see what specific parts of an allergen someone is allergic to. To learn more about blood tests, as well as skin tests, visit FARE's website here.

Carrying your meds

Remember to carry your meds, including your Epi-Pen and recuse inhaler when leaving the house. I carry mine in my bag, and always make sure to have them with me.

Don’t forget to check the labels

When grocery shopping be sure to check, and even double check the labels, as manufacturers may change ingredients. Julia and I both loved Thomas English Muffins until they changed the label and weren't safe anymore. For more on reading labels check out FARE's website here.


In case of an allergic reaction epinephrine would help during an allergic reaction and give a person more time to get to a hospital in order to receive more treatment. To learn more about Epinephrine visit FARE's website here.

Free from

When labels read “free from” and then list out the top 9, it’s an exciting find!

Google forms (and other online forms)

When Google or other online forms have a section for dietary restrictions and the only options are “vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, or dairy free” it can be frustrating when you have other allergies. Especially if you want to list your allergies, or explain the seriousness of your allergies, and the form doesn't allow you to.

Hair care products

It can be really challenging to find hair care products, such as shampoo, conditioner and hairspray that are free from common allergens.

Inject epinephrine

When injecting epinephrine remember to hold for ten seconds and inject two if needed. For more information how on to inject epinephrine visit FARE's website here.

Just packing your own food

When going out it may be easier to just pack and bring your own food instead of trying to find and purchase safe food.

Kiss safely

Before kissing your partner be sure to consider what they have eaten first. For more on kissing and dating check out an older post I wrote here.

Lotion products

It can be really challenging to find lotions that are safe and don’t contain common allergens.

Menus that are allergy aware

Menus that include allergy statements and explanations, or menus specifically designed for those with food allergies help provide all ingredients in menu items and clarify if there is any cross contact.

Thanks Julia for an amazing virtual summer of collaborations!

For letters N-Z see Julia's post here.


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