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Bug Bites

On Friday I woke up with at least 43 bug (spider) bites on my legs and arms. I immediately showered, cleaned my room, changed my sheets, put Cortizone and sweatpants on and took Benadryl. I almost always react to bug bites as they get very red, itchy, and sometimes even swell and create blisters. In the past I have had bug bites that swelled to be multiple inches in diameter.

With this experience I managed to keep the bug bites from getting larger, but unfortunately I did get some blisters. After using Cortizone for two days my bug bites started to turn into blisters and I wondered if the Cortizone was perhaps causing this change, and not the actual bug bites. I switched to using Neosporin and by the next day almost all of the blisters were smaller, and some were even gone. I believe I may have reacted to not only the bug bites, but the Cortizone as well.

I took Benadryl every four hours for three days and then switched to Zyrtec, as the side effects of Benadryl were overwhelming. I constantly felt like I was out of it, or about to fall asleep.

Having so many bug bites all at once was really scary. I am still in the process of recovering from them, but I am doing much better now.


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