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Cancelling my food challenge

Earlier in June I was supposed to potentially have my first ever food challenge, but a few months back I decided to cancel it due to COVID-19 and quarantine.

I had taken a blood test about six months ago after doing a skin test to see if any of my food allergies had changed. I am of course still severely allergic to peanuts, peas, chickpeas and other legumes. As well as tree nuts including pecans, walnuts, hazelnuts and more.

However, when it came to shellfish, the blood test showed that I wasn't really that allergic to them and the previous skin test was negative. My allergist suggested purchasing fresh shellfish and bringing them in. With the raw shellfish we would have used them to prick my skin to see if I reacted or not. Based on how that went we would then decide whether or not I would attempt to eat the cooked shellfish. This was not for all shellfish, as the plan was just for shrimp, crab and lobster.

I made an appointment and everything and was planning to do this with my allergist, but with everything going on in the world I felt safer cancelling it. There are risks involved in food challenges including potential allergic reactions. Perhaps at some point in the future I can reschedule and try out shellfish. Until then, I am still going with the assumption that I cannot have shellfish and should avoid them.


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