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Everything Changes

In early June I graduated from the community college I spent the last three years at. Then a few weeks ago I transferred to my new college and started my first term there. At this college I will be able to finish my bachelor's degree in Business Communication within two years and take all of my courses online. I really like my classes so far and I am so grateful for the kindness and support this school has given me thus far.

This school is an online college, and actually wasn't the original college I was planning to transfer to, as everything changes, but this was definitely for the better. This change in schools to transfer to was sudden and due to unfortunate circumstances that happened with the original college I had been planning to transfer to.

Similar to community college, there is also a stigma with online college. And with everything happening in the world, and the uncertainty about if schools will open again or not, those stigmas should be reconsidered. I actually spoke about community college, and to fight the stigma, last November at FARE Summit 2019.

The last three years at the community college I was attending I took 120 credits and a variety of courses. Some of my courses were the typical in person semester long classes, others were for half of the semester, or were hybrid where they were part in person and part online, and some of my other classes were completely online. In the end I took almost half of my courses there online, as online classes allow for so much more flexibility, as my schedule within those three years was crazy.

Commuting and going to community college allowed me to have that so called "college experience" as I met so many people, got involved, learned so much, and did things I never would have even imagined.

Throughout my time there everything was constantly changing, and my blog posts throughout the years show that. As I started as a Hospitality major, but quickly switched to Hospitality with Restaurant and Culinary concentration, then added the Event and Restaurant Planning and Small Business Certificates and then became a dual major by adding the Liberal Arts degree. In the end I graduated with two associate degrees and two certificates, and also earned my National Restaurant Association ManageFirst Professional credential.

For the first year and a half there I was the Layout Editor of the student newspaper and the last year and a half there I was the Editor-in-Chief. For the last two years I was also the Vice President of Service for the school's chapter of Phi Theta Kappa. In my first year I spent some time as the Public Relations Officer for the school gourmet club. I also volunteered at the college open houses and worked summer orientation sessions.

Another thing that changed within those three years were the various jobs that I worked. As left the bakery I was working at, then went to work in retail for a few months, and moved on to an online part time graphic design job for a little while. I also babysat throughout the three years, and got involved in the community by going to local meetings and events. I co-hosted a few open mics, read my poetry and gave speeches to a few different audiences and line danced in a couple of different locations.

Some of the best changes the past three years brought me were all of the lessons learned. I learned how to stop pouring from an empty cup and how to take care of myself. I learned about the foundations of healthy relationships, how to set boundaries, how to say no and how to stand up for myself.

So everything changes. All the time. As we continue on in this quarantine and COVID-19 world, I continue to look for the good changes, and continue the process of embracing change and working towards becoming the best version of myself.


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