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Half of 2019: Passion Planner Review

Updated: Jul 3, 2019

2019 is halfway over. Throughout some of my posts so far this year I mentioned an item called a Passion Planner. I know I usually write about my food allergies, my anxiety and my adventures at school, work and travel, but I would really like to take the time to write about how Passion Planner has changed my life for good. This post will be all about how I use my Passion Planner and why after just six months of using it I cannot imagine my life without it. Passion Planner is great as everyone uses and customizes it in a different way. There is no exact way to use the planner, but I thought it would be fun to share how I use mine.

My 2019 Passion Planner

Pictured here is my 2019 Passion Planner, which is the Radiant Rose Gold color. Next to my planner are Staedtler Triplus Fineliner Pens and Artists Loft Colored Pencils from Michaels. There is a colored pencil that matches each colored pen. I have not yet written in my planner using the color black or brown as I think the colors from the rainbow are way more fun. As some of you may know my personal favorite color is purple, but because both my pens and colored pencils didn't come with a purple color I don't typically use purple in my planner. I also don't normally use the color yellow, but yellow is my least favorite color anyway. By writing and shading items in color the pages in my planner stand out to me in an organized and exciting way.

This yearly dated passion planner has spreads for each month and week and also pages for goal setting and reflecting. There are also blank and dotted pages in the back which are awesome for expanding the functionally of the planner. I use this planner to plan, organize, and keep track of basically everything.

The monthly spreads provide a calendar of the entire month. I usually fill in important events related to school in the calendar so I can see how much time I will have for things from the perspective of the entire month. There are also spaces to set personal and work goals to focus on, write down personal and work projects and list people to see and places to go. There is also a not to-do list, but I don't usually use that box. There is also a place to create a mind map which is a way to organize thoughts and turn them into goals to work towards. The beginning of the Passion Planner explains how to use the functions within Passion Planner and how to create mind maps and game changers. Every month I usually create two mind maps in this space. One is for personal wellness and the other is for the school newspaper. Typically these mind maps work really well for me and I refer to them often throughout the month in order to complete the goals in them by the end of the month.

The weekly spreads are my favorite as they start on Sunday and end on Saturday. Usually on Saturdays I prepare the spread for the next week so when Sunday starts I know what to expect for the week. The weekly spread displays each day of the week with the time for the day from 6 am to 10:30 pm. Using a pen I write in all of my classes and scheduled activities including club meetings, work shifts, classes at the gym and social events for the week using the time of when the event starts. With the colored pencils I color in the entire time frame for the activity so I can visually see how much time an event takes of my day and of my week. The busier my week the more colorful my spread is. All of my activities are color coded and if I have anything to do related to them I write them in the same color one of the to do list sections. There is a personal to do list and a work to do list built into the spread.

If the item to do is for a class for school I write it in the school to do list section. The school to do list section is something I print for free from the Passion Planner website, glue and then paste into my planner. I usually cut and glue in a months worth or so at a time. I have tried a couple different types of glue in my planner but found the Recollections Necessities Adhesive Runners with double sided tape work the best. I glue the school to do list section in the space on every weekly spread called the space of infinite possibility.

The work to do list I use for work related tasks and anything I have to do for my clubs at school. I find it easier to keep my classwork and club work in separate to do lists. My personal to do list is usually not related to school, clubs or work. Each line in every to do has a check box, but instead of using that as place to check the box with a checkmark I write the date an item is due. For example if something should be done by June 30, I will write a 30 in the box. When an item is completed I color the entire line of the item in the to do list with a colored pencil. That way what has not yet been shaded in I know I still need to work on.

Also on the weekly spread is a box to write the focus for the week, which is where I usually write some of the most important things I should be doing. There is also a box for each day to write the focus in for the day. Each weekly spread also has an inspiration quote to read and think about. Pictured here is a box on the weekly spread called "good things that happened" where I write something good that happened every single day. This is a nice thing to look back on and be happy about as there is always something good happening everyday.

At the end of each month there is a monthly reflection where space is provided to write the answers to some questions. Usually when I do the monthly reflections I go back through my spreads for the month and review everything that took place during that month. The questions are really thought provoking and really allow you to realize how much you were able to accomplish during the month.

With the blank and dotted pages at the back of the book I use them in many different ways. With the dotted pages I used a bullet journal style format to keep track of my finances and record hours for work. With the blank pages I list the books I have read, create art and scrapbook some memorable events from the year so far using photos and stickers.

When I first received this planner for Christmas from my dad I was really excited about it and as soon as I started using it I fell in love with it. I even showed it to my therapist and she bought one too. I use it everyday and it really has helped me start to accomplish my goals and become a better verison of myself.

This year so far with using my Passion Planner I was able to start meditating and exercising on a regular basis. I became more organized with my school and work activities and assignments. I was able to really reflect on my time and how I am using it and how I can make improvements. When looking back on everything I accomplished in the first six months it really makes me feel thankful.

To learn more about Passion Planner and try it for free using the free downloads available click here.

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