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I love MadeGood Granola Bars

Last year during the pandemic I came across the brand MadeGood and their amazing granola and granola bars.

With my nut allergies I have always avoided eating granola and granola bars. Most brands were unsafe and contained nuts. I figured granola and granola bars would be something I would never get to have regularly, or only have on rare occasions if I tried to make it myself with oats or got a sample of something safe at a food allergy event.

The brand MadeGood changed this, as I could go to the local grocery stores, and even Target and find their granola and granola bars on the shelves. Each store typically has multiple options with various granola bar flavors, such as Mixed Berry, Chocolate Chip and Cookies and Creme, and this is so exciting to me. This is inclusion, and this is life changing. I can now eat granola bars, and I love them.

My recent purchase of MadeGood snacks from Target
My recent purchase of MadeGood snacks from Target

MadeGood granola bars don't contain any of my allergens, and are actually top 9 free. They are organic, made from real natural ingredients, and are really delicious. I love the flavor and the texture of them, and they are exactly what I had always hoped a granola bar would be like.

I also love that MadeGood granola bars, and other MadeGood snacks are safe for schools, as they are free from the top allergens. Now that many classrooms and schools are going nut free, it's important that students bring snacks that don't contain nuts. MadeGood is a perfect kid friendly option, as they also make Granola Minis, which are like little bites of granola, mini granola bars, that are smaller than their regular sized ones, and even safe Crispy Squares, which are similar to a Rice Krispie Treat.

One time at work I was eating a MadeGood granola bar and one of my co-workers asked if I was eating a granola bar, and how. She has similar allergies to me, and took a photo of the wrapper, super excited about the fact that safe granola bars exist, and are easily accessible.

My online order from MadeGood's website
My online order from MadeGood's website

A few months ago I actually ordered a giant shipment from MadeGood's website because they had a sale going on. My parents, and my sister tried the granola bars and loved them too. Now my whole family eats MadeGood granola and the granola bars, and they are safe snacks we can share together. Our favorite granola to add to cereal or yogurt is the Strawberry Crispy Light Granola. My sister, Kate loves the Mixed Berry granola bars the best, and I love the chocolate ones, especially the Cookies and Creme, or the brand new Chocolate Drizzled Cookie Crumble granola bars.

There are other MadeGood snacks that my family and I haven't tried yet, but would eventually like to, like their new crackers and cookies.

In addition to finding MadeGood snacks in local grocery stores, at Target, and on the MadeGood website, their snacks can also be ordered online from Amazon.


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