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"I Think I'm Growing?"

I haven't been blogging at all. I don't see the point of continuing to pay for a platform I haven't been using.

I loved this website. I loved the Instagram account. I loved working with Sophie. I loved working with guest writers. I loved the concept of having a space to write and share experiences related to food allergies.

But, my passion about food allergies has grown into something else.

Disability rights. Student rights. Special education.

I know it's early, but yesterday I made myself an Easter basket filled with top 9 snacks and treats. The food options are expanding, people are becoming more aware, food allergies aren't such a rare thing anymore.

But, there are people who still need help. Who need people to fight side by side with them for their rights. Their rights to read, to an education, to learn, to work.

Over the past few years my time has been changing. I spend it focused on learning how to teach, use Universal Design, and help students with disabilities find success.

Thank you for supporting me for all these years. Thank you for reading.

Take the risk and break the stigma.


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