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My dad shaved my head

My dad shaved my head. Well not my entire head. He shaved the undercut and the sides. When I wear my hair down it looks normal and when it's up in a ponytail, depending on the angle it may look like my head is completely shaved.

The undercut is the lower back section of my head, it's about one fourth of my hair shaved off. I have had the undercut for years now, as when I worked in foodservice, my hair always had to be up in a bun. The undercut made it easier for my hair to be put up, and also made it feel lighter when it was down.

I had the undercut first done at a hair salon that had shampoo, conditioner and other products available that were free from my allergens. Then I had my dad shave my undercut, and he accidentally took too much off. The section where my undercut should have been was completely bald. So yeah, I had a few weeks working with my hair up, and a bald section in the back of my head, haha.

Then I went back to the hair salon, and continued going there until a few months before COVID-19 happened, when the place actually went out of business. Trying to find a new place is a bit stressful, as I have to inform them about my allergies and see if they have any products that are safe. I did find a new place eventually, but I actually just had my dad try shaving my undercut again, and it was fine.

My having my hair cut at home, not only am I saving money, but I don't have to worry about the products in the hair salon. With salon hair products ingredients may change, labels may fall off, or bottles may even be reused and refilled with different products. Every time I would go to the salon I would inform them about my allergies, ask to read the ingredients of the products, and ask if the bottle was used for anything else. Sometimes they wouldn't know or didn't even have the ingredients available. If I didn't have access to the ingredient labels, or if I felt uncomfortable, I would ask them to just wet my hair with only water instead of washing it with shampoo and conditioner, and to skip putting in any sort of spray or other product.

Then COVID-19 happened and my dad continued to shave my undercut, and about a month ago I decided to ask him if he would also shave the sides of my head.

With quarantine and all the hair places closed, and just now slowly starting to reopen, my dad and I have actually instead been shaving each other's heads at home outside on our deck.

I didn't even YouTube how to shave a man's head, I just did it.

And now that I have shaved his head four or five times, it's definitely gotten better, haha.

With shaving the sides of my head, we divided my hair into parts, so that way my dad knew what to shave, and what was to stay. We had to check that both sides were even and that they connected to the undercut in the back and were the same widths. We used hair scissors to cut the hair first and then the razor to shave it down.

We use a WAHL electric razor and beard trimmer to shave each other's heads.

So yeah, my dad shaved most of my head and I love it. Thanks dad.


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