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Rear Ended

About a month ago I was rear ended by a truck and had my first ambulance ride ever to the emergency room. As someone with food allergies I always figured my first time in an ambulance and in the emergency room would be for an allergic reaction. Instead it was because the back of my car was destroyed and I had whiplash.

The two people in the ambulance who took me to the hospital were very kind. On the way to the hospital I was asked if I had any allergies and I listed my food allergies. I wanted to look around the ambulance for where the epi-pens were kept, but I wasn't able to as I was still in a state of shock and was focused on staying calm. But it was a thought that came into my mind.

Once we reached the hospital, I checked in and then met a nurse. She asked similar questions and once again I listed my food allergies. My dad arrived a little bit later and told a different nurse about my food allergies.

I was at the hospital for a good amount of time as I had to get a cat scan and x rays. Once I was sent home I went to bed.

Two days later I went to a spine doctor who prescribed two medications and six weeks of physical therapy. I also had more x rays done. I also told them about my food allergies.

It was determined my neck and back was strained and spasming, I had whiplash and for the first few days I had a stress headache.

I started physical therapy a couple of weeks after the accident. I also told them about my food allergies. On the second day the physical therapist wanted to give me a massage and was holding a bottle of lotion. I asked to read the ingredients and even though there was no may contain or warning label, there were nuts in the lotion. If I hadn't stopped her to double check what was in the lotion I fear that I could have had an allergic reaction on my skin where my body was already injured. They decided against using any kind of lotion and instead used my shirt to give the massage.

As a result I have been bringing my own safe lotion (Aquaphor) to class everyday. The therapist washes their hands before touching my lotion and giving the massage. I actually enjoy going to physical therapy as I am working on healing my injury which is also improving my posture and strengthening my body. I also have to practice some of the exercises at home everyday, three times a day. I also really like the therapists there, which is good because I have three sessions there a week.

The first few weeks I spent a lot of time trying to study and do homework so I could keep up with my summer courses. Unfortunately I missed out on an opportunity to get mental health first aid training, but I will hopefully be able to do it when it runs again in a few months. I also wasn't able to go on a school leadership trip to Maryland because the ride there would have been too long and painful.

I also wasn't able to drive for almost a month and I still have not gone back to exercising yet. I really miss my Country Fusion classes. The instructor has been so incredibly kind and caring as she has kept in contact with me during this time to see how I have been doing.

However earlier this week I was able to start driving again as I got my car back, my car was able to be fixed. I really missed my car too. Now that I am back on the roads I will be spending the rest of my summer finishing my summer courses, attending my physical therapy sessions and hopefully be back to Country Fusion soon.

I would also like to thank everyone who helped me during this scary time. Thank you for everything and I am doing better.

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